Daily Gifts

Photo by Sachin C Nair on Pexels.com

By Chuck R. Swindoll

Mend a quarrel

Seek out a forgotten friend

Dismiss suspicion

Hug someone tightly and whisper, “I love you”

Forgive an enemy

Be gentle and patent with an angry person

Express appreciation

Gladden the heart of a child

Find the time to keep a promise

Make or Bake something for someone else- anonymously

Release a grudge


Speak kindly to a stranger

Enter into another’s sorrow

Smile. Laugh a little. Laugh a little more

Take a walk with a friend

Kneel down and pet a dog

Lessen your demands on others

Play some beautiful music during the evening

Apologize if you were wrong

Turn the television off and talk

Pray for someone who helped you when you were hurt

Fix breakfast on Saturday morning

Give a soft answer even though you feel strongly

Encourage an older person

About Terry McDaniel

What motivates me? 1. Fun. 2. Learning. 3. Blessing and prospering people before profit. 4. Being the hero.
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