The Tale of Two Ice Cream Shops: The Power of Customer Service and Giving

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There once were two ice cream shops located across the street from each other. One of the shops, named “Big Scoops,” was known for its generous servings of ice cream. They would pile the ice cream high on the cone, sometimes to the point where it would topple over. However, they would always ask their customers, “How much ice cream would you like us to take off?” They believed in giving their customers the power to customize their orders and make it just right for them.

On the other side of the street was a smaller shop called “Sweet Treats.” When a customer ordered a cone, they would put just a small amount of ice cream on it and then ask, “How much more ice cream would you like?” They believed in giving their customers the opportunity to request more ice cream until they were satisfied.

When “Big Scoops,” asked how much ice cream customers wanted to have removed, it may have made them feel like they were being denied something they wanted. On the other hand, “Sweet Treats” gave customers a small amount of ice cream and then offered more, which made customers feel like they were being given something extra.

This concept can be applied to many other areas of business and life. For example, if a company is offering a discount, it may be more effective to frame it as a gift or bonus rather than a reduction in price. This can make customers feel appreciated and valued, rather than like they are losing something. Similarly, in personal relationships, people often appreciate small gestures like surprise gifts or acts of kindness, rather than having negative behaviors or habits pointed out to them.

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