Sad InterActive Maps

This is a very cool tool provided by the New York Federal Reserve.   Mortgage Maps.  The more you know, the more you wonder was anyone thinking…. Honestly, too much money chasing too few opportunities, but did someone forget about the risk and ramifications if something crazy happen…. like people not making their payments…..No longer need to wonder….Just read and weep…..  Remember, this too will pass…Hopefully, soon…… Not likely…. However, it’s an extremely good time to tee-up and start buying properties… not foreclosure or short sale properties, but great locations with great upside demand factors…. Just because it has the name “foreclosure, REO or Short Sale” doesn’t make it a great investment opportunity…. At the end of the day, makes sure you have someone advising you who has years of experience and wealth of knowledge…. you will need both, eventually…. Terry

About Terry McDaniel

What motivates me? 1. To have fun...2. To learn...3. Bless and prosper before profit.....4. Be the hero...... To collaborate and be transparent....This is the Main Event.... Oh by the way, I have closed 1200 residential transaction over 40 years. I have Masters in Business from the University of Wisconsin... I'm part of the Madison Mafia...
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