What you focus on Grows.

What you focus on Grows….In life, you have choices.  To focus or not focus; to focus on what and when…..Problem or solution….Good or Bad ….. victim or victor………

Remember, what you focus on grows….it takes up space and crowds out something else….I can’t chose for you….YOU must chose….Flowers or weeds…Sometimes flowers look like weeds and weeds look like flowers…know the difference.  Being a student of life and knowing the differences, could save you a life time looking at or for someone or something you didn’t really want……  Enjoy each day…..You still have a choice… GO and Be a Hero…..

About Terry McDaniel

What motivates me? 1. Fun. 2. Learning. 3. Blessing and prospering people before profit. 4. Being the hero.
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1 Response to What you focus on Grows.

  1. Thank you Terry for sharing….
    Was exactly what me and my team needed today to hear! When the student is ready – the ‘teacher’ appears! Thanks for appearing in my inbox! : )
    Stephanie Evelo http://www.EveloTeam.com

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