The Russians are coming

Wanted:  Foreign Buyers with MONEY.   Foreign buyers are coming to the US with their highly valved currency valuation against the dollar……. With our currency valuation, our properties are bargin compared to most of the world.  Read the Wall Street Journal article……. The Russians are Coming…  The real questions, Is how to establish relationships with out of the country agents?…. Post your ideas on SmartProspecting ….Any ideas……Terry

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About Terry McDaniel

What motivates me? 1. To have fun...2. To learn...3. Bless and prosper before profit.....4. Be the hero...... To collaborate and be transparent....This is the Main Event.... Oh by the way, I have closed 1200 residential transaction over 40 years. I have Masters in Business from the University of Wisconsin... I'm part of the Madison Mafia...
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