Important trumps urgent everytime

Good Morning…. A dear friend shares his thoughts for the week on Monday. Today’s focus is differentiating between important and urgent….. achieving specific objectives instead of doing busy activities that just come along….. It’s well worth the read…. Remember what and why you do an action…..Ask yourself better questions… Does this activity achieve my goal? Is this the most productivity activity right now? Where am I in my business plan? Stay focused… Too many good people start too many actions and end up with too few results…… Lasers focus energy on one spot creating Quantum results over 1000 light bulbs….BE THE HERO….Go and Do…Terry

Good Morning MOJO,

Is what you are doing today building on what you did yesterday or are you starting from scratch…again? So often we are jumping from one thing to another, to another, to another but never getting any significant results….never getting ahead. Why? Because we are spreading ourselves to thin.

To have a quantum leap at almost anything in life and really have a significant impact, it is not going to be the result of trying to do everything. It is going to be the compounded result of doing only the most important activities over and over again…we need to do fewer activities more frequently. If we do those few, most important activities consistently over and over again, at some point we reach the tipping point…we will explode into a quantum leap. It’s all about K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid. Getting what we want in life is not complicated, but it is difficult…it involves doing the important activities, not the urgent ones. The difficult part is being disciplined enough to do those important, not the urgent activities consistently…and doing them over and over again until we have a Quantum Leap…a Breakthrough.

Why is it so hard? Because we have to do it over and over and over again for long periods of time with what appears to be little or no results. But if we have the discipline to stick with it, all of a sudden out of no where, one day we will have a radical breakthrough. The hard part is not to quit when we feel like we are running into a brick wall with no results…not quitting when we are having a breakdown. Because when the wall comes down, it won’t come down one brick at a time, but the accumulation affect of hitting it over and over again will bring it tumbling down all at once. It will happen when we are exhausted and beyond wanting to quit. We will hit it again and BANG!!!!

Think about this: All the individual activities we do in our life to accomplish our goals represent one piece of paper. What most of us do is have a bunch of different activities going on trying to stack each of them (piece of paper) on top of each other to create a quantum leap. Unfortunately, the Quantum leap never happens…why? Because there is no accumulation affect…no compounding. Lets say we are working your 10, 12, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week…doing all of those different activities. In the end, even if we are doing 50 different activities (50 pieces of paper), that stack of paper is only going to end up ¼ of an inch high. Consider this….figure out which activities are the most important and stop doing the rest. Spend all of our time doing just those few important activities. When we do this, we are compounding our activities…folding the piece of paper instead of stacking individual pieces. Check this out…as I said 50 individual pieces of paper (individual activities) is ¼ of an inch high. Instead, take 1 piece of paper (one activity) and do it over and over again 50 times (folding it 50 times). How thick do you think your stack will be? 5 inches…a foot…20 feet…1000 feet…a mile…100 miles…1000 miles…100,000 miles…1,000,000 miles? It will actually be tall enough to touch the sun…89,000,000 miles. Now that is a Quantum Leap.

Do the important, not the urgent activities and make it a great week!!!!!

“I outwork them and out think them…so I intimidate them and beat them” Tiger Woods….. Visit Terryisms for more provoking, positive thoughts..

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