Fellowship….Brotherly Love….Peace Makers

What does fellowship, brotherly love and peacemakers have in common? You may be surprised.  When you have fellowship you don’t always have brotherly love oozing out from all the relationship in a fellowship.

The Good Book is a thick book do to all the conflicts man has with himself, others and God.  Thank God for Peace Makers. Those souls who set out of their shell and help us reconnect the dots.

We all need to learn to play in our sandboxes, share toys, drink cold milk together and say “I’m sorry” again.  The key lesson plan of our kindergarden teachers.

You see…. it worked so well in kindergarden we forgot to use it in our life….. Now we hold in our feelings until we explode, we tell others what they need to know or abandoned fellowship all together.

So what is the take away point.  Forget about the stuff, forget about why you are upset with your neighbor, forget your sister forgot your birthday, just remember one thing….it doesn’t matter…. At the end of the day, all the toys, all the stuff and all the important things go back into the box….Back into the Box…

So…Remember we are all here for a reason. We are all in fellowship… We all need to show more botherly love…..We all need to be the big brother and call someone and say “I’m sorry, will you forgive me”.   Be the Hero…Then go and do.

About Terry McDaniel

What motivates me? 1. Fun. 2. Learning. 3. Blessing and prospering people before profit. 4. Being the hero.
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