Impossible is Not Possible

When the world’s opinion leads tell you it’s impossible, remember this…….

1.  Well-informed people know it is impossible to transmit the voice over wires and that were it possible to do so, the thing would be of no practical value.”Boston Post, 1865

2. “Flight by machines heavier than air is unpractical and insignificant, if not utterly impossible.”— Simon Newcomb, Canadian-born American astronomer, 1902

3.  X-rays will prove to be a hoax.”— Lord Kelvin, British mathematician and physicist, president of the British Royal Society, 1895(?)

4.  We are probably nearing the limit of all we can know about astronomy.”— Simon Newcomb, Canadian-born American astronomer, 1888

5.  A rocket will never be able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere.”New York Times, 1936

6.  There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” Ken Olson, pr

7. The world potential market for copying machines is 5000 at most.”— IBM , to the eventual founders of Xerox, saying the photocopier had no market large enough to justify production, 1959

8.  “You ain’t going nowhere, son. You ought to go back to driving a truck.” — Jim Denny, manager of the Grand Ole Opry, in firing Elvis Presley after a performance, 1954

9.  We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out anyway.” — President of Decca Records, rejecting The Beatles after an audition, 1962

10. Your statement….. “You will never amount to anything.”………. Just go prove them wrong………..Be thankful, then just be…. then do…. then score…then  BE the HERO…Terry

About Terry McDaniel

What motivates me? 1. Fun. 2. Learning. 3. Blessing and prospering people before profit. 4. Being the hero.
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