Know Where the Money Goes…..

RISMEDIA, Feb. 14, 2008-Nearly 60% of young U.S. couples surveyed argue over money at least once a month, according to PayPal’s second annual “Can’t Buy Me Love” survey. Meanwhile, issues relating to work and household responsibilities top the list for couples in the UK. In both countries, sex ranked low on the list of couples’ common arguments, coming in fifth. The research, conducted by Ipsos, examined how personal finance issues affect couples and singles in the U.S. and UK.“The ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ survey takes a look at the role money plays in romantic relationships,” explains author and personal finance expert, Carmen Wong Ulrich.

“Communicating with your partner about money is a vital part of developing and maintaining a happy relationship. It’s very interesting to see how dynamics and priorities differ between genders and nationalities.”

Arguing about money is not the only difference between U.S. couples responding to the survey and those in relationships across the pond. UK couples are more likely to have separate bank accounts (71%), while about half of American couples share bank accounts.

For the second consecutive year, the survey found that PayPal is the number two most popular reported method of payment for respondents buying their Valentine’s Day gifts online, immediately after credit cards.

Other surprising findings uncovered through PayPal’s “Can’t Buy Me Love” survey include:

– Nearly one in four couples responding to the survey in both countries use online shopping as a way to keep their partners in the dark about their purchases.
– Women surveyed in both countries agree it isn’t the man’s responsibility to pick up the tab after a dinner date. Women in the U.S. think the man should pay only if he initiates the date. Whereas, women in the UK think splitting the check is polite, regardless of who instigates the date.
– Traditional “romantic” gifts still top the list of the most popular Valentine’s Day presents given by responding couples in both locations. Cards are the most popular, followed by dinner dates and flowers.

The PayPal “Can’t Buy Me Love” Survey was conducted by Ipsos from December 12, 2007 to December 18, 2007 via e-mail invitation to online panelists. The total sample size was 3,002 respondents (1,500 U.S. and 1,502 UK), with quotas to ensure sample distribution accurately represented the online population with regard to age and gender.

Go to   Make a fearless review of your use of funds…. Hey…it’s just money, but be a good steward….. Besides the more money you save the more you can give…. Be a Hero…..

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