It’s Thanksgiving Time

Good Morning… Just a few thoughts before Thanksgiving…..

“Everyone knows you either by what you say you will do, or by what you do.” The doing part separates you from dreamers and the whata, shoulda, coulda group. If we are honest with ourselves, we have all said things to others or to ourselves and never followed through.  “Let’s have lunch soon.”  “I want to lose 5 lbs.”  “I will never do that again.”…..You know the drill….

But no longer do you need to live that way. You made a decision to put a stake in the ground…to cross the line. Each day I live a life filled with dreams and actions. My focus is not on my past, but the NOW … looking towards my future… Everything can be measured in inches… we fight, crawl or walk those inches until we cross the finish line… dusty and dirty, but clean in the soul knowing we did all we could with what we have….. No excuses….. Just actions.

Life is filled those who constantly prepare, recalculate, resubmit, but just plain wait for another “better time”. There is no better time than NOW….”No hill is too steep for a stepper.”….. “just do it” and stop making excuses.  Are you finally tired of hearing that internal voice yelling “wait”, “don’t”, “you can’t”?  Then SCREAM at the top of your voice… I refuse to be defeated!  I didn’t come here to lose! I came here to fulfill my calling. My mission today is to stay on task. All your actions should focus on your life’s “walnuts”. Do what you say you will do. Personal integrity and honesty are always at your core being.

Thanksgiving on Thursday. Focus your thoughts and prayers on BEING Thankful…. Just like the Pilgrims in 1620 who thanked God for their provision, we need to remind ourselves of all God’s gifts. A thankful heart is a powerful weapon against an uncertain future. Choose to be Thankful in the mist of uncertainty. Read out loud with all the gusto you have Psalm 23….

Practice being “thankful” not just for the big things like who you will marry or where you will live, but the small things… Like your next breath of air….We take for granted another breath of air, until it’s too late… Make a decision today to be a HERO in someone’s life…Use your actions and words to build up another human… We all need encouragement….  Happy Thanksgiving…

Terry McDaniel
The Real Estate Evangelist

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About Terry McDaniel

What motivates me? 1. Fun. 2. Learning. 3. Blessing and prospering people before profit. 4. Being the hero.
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